Terms and Conditions

1. All customers’ trailers and caravans must be in a roadworthy and serviceable condition
2. Tyres must comply with current legislation and all electrics comply with recognised standards.
3. On arrival for collection of Caravans / Trailers any part of the Caravan / Trailer that is not serviceable, e.g. brakes jammed, wheels not free-turning, inoperable brakes, inoperable electrics /lights or any other fault that would make the load not safe to tow. The full fee will be charged even though the delivery contract cannot be completed.
4. Hitches must be of standard fitting and size and not small 32mm ball or nato-type couplings. Electrics should be N/S 7pin type. NTS must be informed in advance if caravans / trailers are fitted with EU 13 pin type socket.
5. The transportation of any customers’ trailers, boats or caravans is at the discretion of the employee of Northern Towing Services.
6. Caravans must NOT exceed 2.3 metres wide and 7 metres in length. If upon collection the caravan is found to exceed these dimensions the work will not be undertaken, and there will be no refund of any monies already paid to Northern Towing Services.
7. Trailers, tractors, boats and caravans to be transported must not exceed 2800kg total weight. This includes the gross weight of the trailer as well as any items or goods contained within or mounted on the trailer, boat or caravan.
8. At the time of collection all trailers, tractors, boats and caravans will be inspected and a damage report completed and retained by the employee of Northern Towing Services. Additionally, digital photographs will be taken of damaged areas.
9. Northern Towing Services are insured for the transportation of all trailers, boats and caravans including all permanent internal fixtures and fittings. The policy does not cover any additional contents. A copy of the insurance policy is available to customers upon request.
10. Any unforeseen costs incurred by Northern Towing Services during transportation, of trailers, boats and caravans must be met by the customer.
11. On agreement of a quotation a copy of Terms and Conditions will be sent to the Customer. This will form the basis of the agreed transportation of the customer's property to and from the collection and delivery point indicated on the quote /invoice. A deposit of 20% of the total towing cost is payable at least 14 days before the transportation date. Final payment of the outstanding balance must be received at least 7 days prior to the transportation date.
12. All cheques must be cleared before work is undertaken.
13. Where cash on delivery has been agreed in advance, all monies must be paid in full prior to Caravans / Boats/ Trailers being unhitched from the NTS vehicle.
14. In any circumstances where cash on delivery has been agreed in advance and payment is not made in full the towed goods will remain the property of Northern Towing Services until full payment has been received and will be liable to additional re-delivery costs.
15. In the event of cancellation by the customer there is no refund due of any monies paid.

Caravan Glossary

Ex Works Weight (Unladen Weight)
The weight of the caravan as new with standard fixtures and fittings as stated by the caravan manufacturer.
(NB: Because of the differences in the weight of materials supplied for construction of caravans, and moisture retention, variations of 5% of the manufacturer's figure can be expected, usually ‘+’).

Actual Laden Weight
The total weight of the caravan and its contents when being towed.

Maximum Authorised Weight (Maximum Gross Weight)
The maximum weight for which the caravan is designed for normal use when being towed on a road laden and this must never be exceeded.

Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass
As stated by the vehicle manufacturer. This mass takes into account specific operating conditions including factors such as the strength of materials, loading capacity of the tyres etc.

Mass in Running Order
Mass of the caravan equipped to the manufacturer's standard specification.

User Payload
The difference between the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass and the Mass in Running Order. Payload includes essential habitation equipment, personal effects and optional equipment.

Essential Habitation Equipment
Those items and fluids required for the safe and proper functioning of the equipment for habitation as defined by the manufacturer of the caravan.

Personal Effects
Those items which a user can choose to carry in a caravan and which are not included as essential habitation equipment or optional equipment.

Optional Equipment
Items made available by the manufacturer over and above the standard specification for the caravan.

Static vertical load. That part of the weight of the caravan supported by the rear of the towing vehicle.




Glossary - T&C's